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bronze eagle statue
bronze eagle statue
bronze eagle statue
bronze eagle statue

Pride Bronze Statue

Item #:BMA958
Size:72" H. x 57" L. x 40" W.

This bronze statue portrays a powerful and patriotic image of an eagle soaring through the air with the American flag clutched firmly in its talons. Standing at 6 feet tall, the sculpture captures the dynamic essence of flight with intricate details. The outstretched wings of the eagle convey a sense of freedom and determination as it propels through the air.

The American flag, skillfully rendered in bronze, ripples realistically in the wind, creating a dynamic and symbolic representation of the nation’s ideals. The artist has paid attention to the feathers, detailing each one with precision to evoke a sense of movement and grace. The talons securely cradle the flag, symbolizing the eagle’s strength and commitment to safeguarding the nation.

This bronze statue serves as a powerful emblem of patriotism, symbolizing the spirit of freedom and resilience. The use of bronze as the chosen material adds a timeless quality, ensuring the enduring significance of this patriotic representation.


All of our sculptures of 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Los Wax process.

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