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bronze statue of girl holding shell
bronze statue of girl holding shell
bronze statue of girl holding shell
bronze statue of girl holding shell

Hannah’s Joy Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ695
Size:24" H. x 31" L. x 21" W.

In this enchanting bronze sculpture, it beautifully captures the magic of a seaside moment as a little girl kneels  at the beach, captivated by a shell she has discovered. The sculpture is not only a static representation but also serves as a fountain, with water gently dripping from the shell in the girl’s hand.

The little girl, sculpted in bronze, is depicted in a moment of wonder and discovery. Her beach attire conveys the sense of a carefree day by the ocean.  Meticulous attention to detail has been paid, from the girl’s expression of delight to the intricacies of the shell she holds.

The bronze medium adds warmth and timelessness to the scene, giving it a classic and enduring quality. The addition of water flowing from the shell introduces a dynamic element, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

This multifaceted bronze artwork not only celebrates the innocence and curiosity of childhood but also evokes the serene beauty of the beach. It invites viewers to reminisce about their own moments of seaside exploration and the joy of discovering treasures along the shore. The combination of artistry and functionality in the form of a fountain makes this sculpture a delightful and engaging homage to the simple pleasures of coastal life.

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