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bronze ballerina statue
bronze ballerina statue
bronze ballerina statue
bronze ballerina statue
bronze ballerina statue

On Pointe Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ89055
Size:46" H. x 24" L. x 12" D.

In this captivating bronze sculpture, the sheer elegance and skill of a ballerina are captured in the exquisite form of a dancer en pointe. The artist skillfully portrays the ethereal moment when the ballerina balances delicately on the tips of her toes, showcasing the strength, precision, and grace required for this demanding dance technique.

The ballerina’s body is elongated and beautifully arched, with one leg extended behind her and the other lifted gracefully off the ground, culminating in a perfectly pointed toe. The details of her tutu, the fluid lines of her extended limbs, and the poise of her figure convey a sense of ethereal beauty frozen in time.

This sculpture is not merely a representation of technical prowess but also a celebration of the artistry, dedication, and sheer beauty embodied by a ballerina en pointe. It invites viewers to appreciate the discipline and skill required to achieve such a pose while conveying the timeless allure and elegance of ballet.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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