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bronze children statue of a girl
bronze children statue of a girl

Pip Squeak Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ719
Size:20" W. X 20" H.

The bronze statue depicts a charming and simple scene of a little girl sitting on a rock. The girl is frozen in a moment of childlike curiosity or playfulness, her posture conveying a sense of spontaneity and innocence.

The use of bronze as the sculptural medium adds a timeless quality to the scene, suggesting that the essence of childhood captured in this moment is universal and enduring. The texture of the bronze may convey a sense of warmth and depth, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the sculpture.

This composition, although seemingly straightforward, celebrates the authenticity of childhood moments. It invites viewers to reflect on the simplicity and beauty found in the everyday actions of young individuals, emphasizing the timeless and universal nature of these experiences.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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