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bronze ballerina statue
bronze ballerina statue
bronze ballerina statue
bronze ballerina statue
bronze ballerina statue

Elegance Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ89084
Size:47" H. x 34" L. x 15" D.

In this exquisite bronze sculpture, the ethereal beauty and grace of a ballerina are immortalized in a moment of sublime dance. The artist skillfully captures the fluidity and elegance of the dancer’s form, creating a composition that radiates with the spirit of classical ballet.

The ballerina is poised in mid-pirouette, her body arched and limbs extended in a harmonious display of strength and poise. The intricate details of her tutu, the delicate features of her face, and the elongation of her limbs are meticulously rendered in bronze, emphasizing the artistry and precision involved in ballet.

This sculpture not only celebrates the technical prowess of ballet but also conveys the emotional expressiveness and dedication required in this art form. It invites viewers to appreciate the dedication, discipline, and sheer beauty encapsulated in the world of ballet, making it a testament to the universal allure and timeless elegance of dance.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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