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Are you looking to elevate the appearance of your property? Adding bronze sculptures or life size statues to your grounds can add sophistication and interest. Best of all, you’ll create an instant talking point when you host your next garden party.

The benefits of introducing bronze statues to your landscaping don’t end there, either. Keep reading to learn the top 5 reasons you should have garden statues on your property!

1. As Design Inspiration

When you’re looking into garden statues, consider choosing the sculpture before revamping your garden. Selecting a sculpture first can help you determine your priorities. Do you want a neatly pruned space or one where the vegetation can run rampant?

Do you prefer a modern aesthetic, or are you looking to create a whimsical garden retreat? Start by plotting out your design preferences and color schemes. Then decide whether wildlife, western, or figurative sculpture would best realize your vision.

You may also want to consider a bronze fountain to add some classic elegance to your landscaping. Choose a fountain that features frolicking children or a classic nude, depending on your setting. 

2. To Commemorate Significant Figures and Events

Garden statues can be a wonderful way to honor family members, pets, or heroic figures. For example, eagle statues are an ideal way to honor service men and women or create a sense of patriotism when nestled among red, white, and blue flowers.

A marine life statue might symbolize your upbringing in a coastal town or favorite beach. Add a small fountain nearby, and some windchimes to create a seaside ambiance.

Animal sculptures provide beautiful reminders of your favorite family pet. Placing these small statues along pathways throughout your garden will provide the perfect context for honoring their playful personalities.

3. As a Focal Point to Your Landscaping

While you may have a few prominent flower beds in your garden, what ties the space together? Bronze sculptures can provide the focal point that your garden needs.

Life-size statues on either side of an entryway or a garden path create a sense of austerity while peacocks welcome guests to a vibrant space.

Why not place animal sculptures depicting elk or wild cats in open grassy areas or a life-size galloping horse to an open expanse to add a sense of interest to transitional or open areas.

In a smaller garden, a horse rearing on its hindlegs can add a sense of height while a heron on the outside edge of your garden’s pond or cluster of ravens beneath a pear tree contribute a sense of life and motions. Bronze sculptures provide lovely punctuation to garden’s of any size. 

4. As a Unique Conversation Piece

Bronze statues act as instant conversation starters. Whether your piece prompts discussion of your inspiration, passions, or aesthetic, it can’t help but make an impression on guests.

5. Professional Customization and Installation

While the idea of garden sculptures may sound appealing, the process of procuring one may feel intimidating. However, working with reputable professionals can ensure the custom results you envision, complete with professional delivery and installation.

Add Statues to Elevate Your Garden

Introducing bronze statues can elevate any outdoor setting. When you’re ready to enhance your garden with the perfect statue, contact us for help addressing any of your questions or concerns.