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Many homeowners have taken to revamping their outdoor space. Create an oasis right in your backyard by growing tropical plants, installing a water feature, and investing in quality patio furniture. 

One of the ways you can take your outdoor space to the next level is by purchasing a bronze fountain. Not only will it add appeal and be the envy of the neighborhood, a quality outdoor fountain will add to your home’s value as well. 

Bronze sculptures come in a variety of styles and designs. No matter your décor, there is a bronze fountain to match your style, or you can work with a designer to have one custom made to fit your needs. 

If you’re looking to makeover your garden and elevate its style, read on for our favorite bronze fountain styles.

1. Wildlife Fountains

For those who enjoy animals, birds, and other wildlife, there are many selections of bronze fountains to choose from. If birds are your style, you may want to choose a heron or pelican. No matter what bird you choose, the attention to detail and craftsmanship of a 100% bronze fountain will make it a one-of-a-kind statement piece. 

If reptiles and amphibians are more your style, choose an alligator or frog for your bronze outdoor fountain. Cast completely by hand,an alligator fountain that shoots water right out of its mouth will amaze your guests. This Prince of the Pond fountain comes with the plumbing already installed, making installation a snap.  

2. Classical Fountains

If you’re looking to add a fanciful touch, you may like a goddess or fairy themed sculpture or birdbath. The beautiful form of the Shell Sprite will draw attention in any backyard, garden, or courtyard. The water cascading from her gracefully cradled shell makes an elegant impression.

Or add a classical touch with the Ariana birdbath. This charming water feature will be the delight of your neighbors and local birds alike! 

3. Marine Life Fountains

Dolphins and other forms of marine life are sure to bring life to your outdoor landscape. For a playful aquatic piece that will charm onlookers, look not further than the Sunshine bronze statue. A seal sunning himself in your backyard will bring humor and levity to your design aesthetic. 

Dolphins are a popular sea mammal and the Dolphin Jubilee statue will be a showstopper in your yard. The vision of dolphins leaping gracefully cannot fail to impress. 

Bring a mermaid to life in your pool or backyard with the Mistress of the Sea. Install her as a water feature next to a pool or hot tub to add glamour to any garden party, or pair with a seahorse for even more charm.   

4. Children Fountains

Fountains depicting youth can bring a playful element to your landscaping. Water your flower beds in style with our Watering the Flowers statue, featuring a charming child sure to evoke nostalgia in all your guests. 

Or bring a smile to every face with this Junior Firefighter. His vintage appeal can’t help but exchant.

For a dose of joyful whimsy, consider this For a Rainy Day bronze statue who’s dripping umbrella is sure to warm your heart. 


Choose Your Bronze Fountain Today

Once you’ve decided to make a bronze fountain part of your garden makeover, there are plenty of different styles to choose from. Whether your tastes are playful, elegant, classical, or more natural, you can’t fail to find just the piece for your outdoor space. 

We hand-craft all of our statues with care and attention to detail. Have a custom design in mind? Contact us to have it realized as your very own one-of-a-kind piece.