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Are you looking to take your indoor décor to the next level? Have you considered a bronze statue?  Bronze statues are long-lasting, gorgeous art pieces, especially when using the “lost-wax” process to capture the finest details. 

A beautiful bronze statue will make a statement while adding a luxurious touch to your home and will be something you’ll treasure for years to come or pass down to your loved ones. 

Are you wondering how best to use decorative bronze statues in your home? Keep reading for our expert tips for incorporating these beautiful works of art into your décor. 

Avoid Excess

When it comes to almost any kind of decorating, less is more. Don’t clutter your living space with too many statues unless you live in a larger-than-average home, where statues can be tastefully dispersed throughout without taking up too much living space

A sculptural item works best as a statement piece to draw the eye and serve as a conversation piece. If you place too many in close proximity,, the eye doesn’t know where to focus.

We suggest starting with a single piece that has meaning for you. You can shop for an existing piece that you love or commission a custom statue.

Choose the Best Spot

A common mistake is to forget that these beautiful works of art are three-dimensional. Unlike a print that hangs against the wall, bronze sculptures are best viewed from all sides. Find a place to put your statue where it can be viewed from multiple angles.

An example of ideal placement might be a large entryway, or on a table or pedestal in the center of a formal room. Smaller statues look lovely displayed on a mantel, hearth, or unexpected niche like a stair landing.

Do you have vaulted ceilings with an architectural shelving or niches? These may also serve as perfect places to display a bronze statue. 

Depending on the statue, even a place on the floor may be appropriate. 

Frame It 

One of the most interesting aspects of a sculpture is the elegant silhouette. If you place the statue against a busy background, the hand crafted detailing can get lost, detracting from the beauty of the piece.

Avoid placing your bronze statues against a bright or patterned wallpaper. If placing a small statue on or in a bookcase, make sure to frame it with sufficient white space. 

Wherever you place your statue, make it the focal point. After all, you are investing in a signature piece of art, make sure to let it shine!

Plan Your Flow

Pay special attention to how you naturally move through a room before placing a bronze statue. Avoid creating an awkward flow of traffic for family or guests. 

Larger, floor-standing pieces pose little risk of tipping due to their weight.

Smaller statues on tables or pedestals, may need to be stabilized with a special museum mount if they are placed close to traffic in your home. 

Proportional Placement

Carefully examine the statue once it’s in place. Trust your instincts and your eye. Does the sculpture look too small or too large where you have placed it? Is it too low? Too high?

Pay attention to the space around the sculpture. Would it look better placed on a pedestal or block?

If you’re placing a statue near a large wall, make sure the statue is big enough to carry the whole wall. If the piece looks lost, you may need to consider a smaller area. 

Take note of the relationship between the statue and other nearby art or objects. Does the piece make sense in relation to the other objects? Don’t be surprised when your well-placed bronze statue steals the show!


Lighting is another important element to take into account. The ideal light to best display your statue is diffuse daylight. If there is not sufficient natural light near your chosen placement, consider installing custom lighting. Light the statue from above, not below, to avoid awkward shadows and select a 30-degree angle to reduce glare. Set the light far enough from the art that it illuminates without detracting. You want the art to shine, not the light!

Outdoor Living Spaces

Bronze statues are the perfect garden statues because they age well, even outdoors. Over time, exposure to the sun, heat, and elements create beautiful patina that looks even better with age. 

Bronze fountains are eye-catching works of art. From dolphins to mermaids, your imagination is the limit. 

Looking for something unexpected for the yard? Choose from hundreds of different wildlife statues or order a custom statue of your favorite animal. 

Leveling up With Bronze Statues

Bronze statues take your home and garden décor to the next level. A bronze statue is more than a decorative piece, it’s a true investment. 

These timeless statues offer beauty, elegance, and an element of playfulness to any environment.  

Choose from our collection or let us design a custom piece for you. 

Contact us today and we’ll help you make the perfect choice for your home.