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A tradition of Bronzeman Statue Excellence:

Sculpted bronze; shiny long lasting statues that speak of cultured finesse and great integrity is a Bronzeman specialty. Twenty-five years of experience casting bronze statues has resulted in high expertise in elegant, handmade works of art. Using the ancient lost wax process, custom pieces are cast in an intricate process resulting in highly detailed bronze statues for sale.

Bronze is a traditional medium made from mostly copper and tin that results in the finished metal’s grade. With patina coloring on all statues based on every subject including wildlife, figurines of people, fountain statues; Bronzeman are the expert suppliers with thousands of pieces already in stock and made to order options. Statues that have been supplied to cities, universities, parks, businesses, and art collectors or dealers globally include;

The Bellow Bronze Statue:

This exquisitely strong and tensed confident elk’s head is held high to display magnificent antlers. The mentality of power and dominance with a victor attitude is portrayed by the stance and competitiveness of the Bellow Bronze Statue. Bronzeman’s close relationship with the foundry enables provision of this statue at affordable prices for such a forever treasured creation.

The Bellow Bronze Statue is cast by hand which captures every detail of this piece. With a height of 89 inches, a width of 61 inches and a 26-inch diameter, the Bellow Bronze Statue elk will complement any outdoor space or high ground.

High Country Bronze Statue:

A majestically great elk statue enamored with a graceful posture that portrays his having already defeated his rivals. This High Country Bronze Statue has a competitive attitude that is both noble and aggressive with its 69-inch sculpted length. Casting for this 87-inch high statue has been done in wax and immersed in liquefied silica to form a ceramic shell that is baked to melt the wax from within.

The High Country Statue mold is then filled with molten bronze which cools, and the silica ceramic shell stripped off. Artisans with expert hands detail the piece and polish the weld marks from the bronze cast before detailing to the original’s specifications. This process results in the High Country Bronze Statue’s lifelikeness for that unmistakable likeness and can be installed on the high ground or indoors that will accommodate its 47 inches wide such as a lobby or arcade.

Majesty Bronze Statue:

For the discriminating connoisseur, the rearing horse majesty bronze statue is a piece that meets every criterion. This one of a kind bronze statue stands at 113 inches high and has a width of 82 inches due to the rounded base the majestic fawn colored horse rears from. The Majesty Bronze Statue has been cast with materials of the highest caliber, crafted with a labor-intensive procedure and made with the best grade of metal.

With its full mane fully unfurled, the Majesty Bronze Statue is intrinsically detailed such that the muscular notations of a rearing stallion are correctly defined. The rearing Majesty Bronze Statue is perfect for an open space such as a park to give viewers the full advantage of its ancient splendor. An institution or hotel entrance way will also benefit from the symbolism of grandeur that is aflame with the Majesty Bronze Statue.

The Solitude Bronze Statue:

For the hunting instinct statement and a picture perfect opportunity, a Solitude Bronze Statue delivers even more. City parks or any public area will be accentuated by the 74-inch long matted coat grizzly hunched on its rear limbs. Children love to play around it at a waterpark or themed gardens or standing from rocky outcrops that can accommodate the 38-inch width and 31-inch diameter.

The Bronzeman team delivers the Solitude Bronze Statue wherever a client wants it situated. To prevent theft in public or private spaces, we recommend permanently securing the big bear into the foundation by bolting it into position. The Solitude Bronze Statue doesn’t require much cleaning or maintenance except for a mild soap and water wash and a yearly wax to preserve the metallic glean.

Great Plains Bronze Statue:

With fantastic detailing from horn to hoof, the freestanding bison Great Plains Bronze Statue exudes resilient strength. From its bearded head with lethal glassy eyes and a pair of foreboding horns, this 72 inches high traditional American statue speaks wild volumes

Used for nearly 5,000 years in coins, weapons or suits of armor; bronze has become the metal that sculpts the perfect all-weather statues. This 80 inch long and 40 inch wide statue is the perfect example of Bronzeman expertise, standing in an open outdoor space or at a collector’s house.

Bodacious Bronze Statue:

An 80-inch long Bodacious Bull Bronze Statue is the perfect gift for a cowboy, rodeo or matador fan; and ranches with a Bodacious Bronze Statue at their entrance or rotunda make a statement to the visitor with elegant subtlety. The 71-inch high bronze statue with a diameter of 35 inches is the personification of incredible master craftsmanship.

The attention to detail on this artifact is masterly and of high quality; the Bodacious Bronze Statue’s sculptural stance portrays the beauty in aggression and fury. A lifelike patina brings out the reality of what a bull rider will be going against at the rodeo, making the Bodacious Bronze Statue’s presence is nearly overwhelming. Perfect for that hotel lobby or restaurant entrance, this piece is one that art novices and connoisseurs alike won’t keep their eyes off.

High Hope Bronze Statue:

Four kids casually playing on a tree stump may sound inconsiderably curious until the whole scene is in bronze. Perfect for the playground yard in a school or park, the High Hope Bronze Statue is ageless in its display of outdoor children fun. This 92-inch high bronze artwork features blue, brown and bronze patinas with three of the children either sitting or standing on the stump which resembles a 45-inch wide award podium.

The youngest of these children is reaching up from the ground for some help to get on board, a hopeful gesture augmented by the elder one releasing a dove on the highest part of the bronze statue. With a 29 inch diameter, the High Hope Bronze Statue is correctly aligned on all sides giving a sense of natural balance to any open outdoor or indoor space. Placement of this statue will add symbolism and strength as a monument for the preservation and protection of childhood in a hospital or orphanage.

Playful Bronze Statue:

A stallion and foal combination that is strikingly free, friendly and full of wondrous energy. The 79 inches high playful bronze statue captures childhood and motherhood equine joy while portraying protective caution simultaneously. A 122-inch wide statue with 53 inches of diameter, the brown patinas of the horse with the foal is highlighted by their darker manes and hooves set on a green base.

Long dark tails thrown back in carefree abandon, the Playful Bronze Statue is perfect for that horse lover and will delight everyone who sees it. Details on the piece reflect the speed and agility of motion with which the animals are caught in, an aspect that any amusement projected business will highly benefit from.

Grand Prix Bronze Statue:

The horse races just came home in this 93 inches high and 125-inch long Grand Prix Bronze Statue. A landmark of accomplished success resonates from the rider, and his mount enjoined in a dash for the finish line. Elegantly detailed and gracefully resonant, the mounted statue makes loud statements of competitive masterly.

This life-size Grand Prix Bronze Statue has a bronzed brown patina that glints in outdoor light and space. The piece is made for memorials and commissions and done by expert sculptors who take an original model in clay or wax for the original mold making process.