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Huge Selection of Life-Size Children, Animals, Deer, Eagles, Horses, Herons, Dolphins & Fountains at Wholesale Prices. We can create anything in bronze!

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Bronze statues have been used throughout history as milestones to represent mankind’s interests, victories, and passions. At Bronzeman, we continue that proud metallurgic heritage by working with our clients to transform that humble – yet beautiful – alloy into works of art that will last throughout generations.

The bronze statues we create offer incredible, life-like details and larger-than-life impressions to private homes, businesses, universities, public areas like parks, libraries and city halls, and so much more. Bronze can – and does! – withstand the demands of display both indoors and out, and our artists work to skillfully incorporate patinas for noteworthy bronze statue finishes that only grow more incredible with time.

Bronze Statues Last Forever

While some of the most popular subjects in bronze statues are humans of personal, historical or cultural significance, bronze statues go far beyond people. Our subjects range from bronze statues of eagles, horses, deer, elk, ram, buffalo, wildcats, dogs, turtles, dolphins, herons and fountains to life-size children playing that will instill memories for a lifetime. We specialize in creating custom bronze statues…you name it, we can create it for you in bronze!

Eye-Catching Settings for your Bronze Garden Statues

The beautiful natural hue of bronze grows more attractive and complex as its exposed to changes in light, heat, and moisture, which means you can expect your bronze statues and garden statues to age gracefully.

This property also makes them an interesting addition “in the field” – such as a bronze statue of a buck placed in a field for a passerby to spot, or a bronze statue of your school’s mascot that will attract people for decades to come.

Bronze is unique as a material for its ability to blend in and surprise the senses, as well as being particularly photogenic when it comes to small, intricate statue details like a child’s smile, or the layered visual and physical texture of clothing on a historical figure.

Trust Bronzeman to be Your Guide

Our close, direct relationships with bronze foundries allow us to connect our clients with artisans best suited for their project, ensuring top-quality results in bronze statue purchases and special commissions. With more than 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

Whether you’re simply looking to purchase an existing bronze statue of a popular subject or you’d like to work with an artist to bring your bronze statue idea to life, we’ll help you discover a picture-perfect result that, much like the statues we work with, stands the test of time and offers continual delight.

Large or small, personal or public, we’re happy to make your bronze visions come to life with one-of-a-kind artwork and customer service that is, quite simply, second to none. Call us today at 877-528-2531 for all of your Bronze Statues and Bronze Statue needs!