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Practice Makes Perfect Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ887
Size:60" H. x 24" W. x 19" D.

This charming bronze sculpture skillfully captures the innocence and determination of a little girl as she prepares to take a swing on the golf course. The girl, meticulously sculpted in bronze,  is standing on the tee, ready to hit the golf ball. The sculpture exudes a sense of focus, excitement, and the joy found in engaging in a sport.

The girl’s expression is one of concentration and enthusiasm, her gaze fixed on the golf ball in front of her. The details of her golf attire, the stance of her body, and the positioning of her club are carefully crafted, contributing to the lifelike quality of the artwork. The use of bronze imparts a timeless and enduring feel to the scene, enhancing the nostalgic atmosphere.

This bronze sculpture not only celebrates the spirit of a little girl navigating the world of golf but also invites viewers to appreciate the determination and sense of accomplishment found in children who enthusiastically embrace various activities. The scene encourages an appreciation for the early exploration of interests and the boundless potential inherent in childhood pursuits.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the “Lost Wax” process.

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