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bronze statue of children and turtle
bronze statue of children and turtle
bronze statue of children and turtle

Slow and Steady Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ613
Size:32" H x 56" W x 26" D

In this delightful bronze sculpture, whimsy and imagination take center stage as two boys embark on a playful journey atop a tortoise. The artist skillfully captures the essence of childhood wonder, creating a scene that is both charming and lighthearted.

The choice of bronze as the medium lends a timeless quality to the artwork, ensuring that the whimsical scene will endure as a celebration of youthful imagination. The surface of the bronze catches the light, creating highlights that enhance the overall playfulness of the composition.

This sculpture serves as a visual ode to the boundless creativity and joy found in childhood. It invites viewers to reminisce about the carefree days of play, where even the slow and steady tortoise becomes a magical companion for whimsical adventures. The whimsy of the artwork fosters a sense of nostalgia and a celebration of the innocence and spontaneity that define the spirit of childhood.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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