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bronze statue of a girl and dog
bronze statue of girl with dog on bench
bronze statue of girl with dog on bench
bronze statue of girl with dog on bench
bronze statue of girl with dog on bench

Nurturing Heart Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ1344
Size:41" H. x 37" W. x 19" D.

In this heartwarming bronze sculpture, the artist captures the innocence and imagination of childhood play. The scene portrays a little girl engaging in a game of “doctor” with her best friend, a golden retriever. The details of the sculpture are meticulously crafted, bringing the tender moment to life.

The little girl, cast in bronze, is shown in a playful and caring pose, tending to her furry companion. She is holding a pretend stethoscope to the dog’s chest, portraying the gentle curiosity of a child mimicking grown-up roles. The golden retriever, also rendered in bronze, exudes a sense of trust and affection, participating wholeheartedly in the imaginative play.

The bronze medium adds warmth and depth to the scene, creating a timeless quality that enhances the nostalgic feel of childhood innocence. The texture of the girl’s clothing, the fur of the golden retriever, and the detailing of their expressions contribute to the lifelike quality of the sculpture.

This artwork not only celebrates the bond between a child and her loyal canine friend but also captures the universal theme of imaginative play. It invites viewers to reflect on the pure joy and creativity that define the interactions between children and their beloved pets, making it a cherished representation of the special friendship that often develops between kids and animals.

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All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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