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bronze statue of children reading
bronze statue of children reading

Together Forever Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ965
Size:23" H. x 32" W. x 22" D.

In this tender image depicted in bronze, the quiet intimacy of shared moments and the love of reading are beautifully captured as two girls sit closely together, engrossed in a book. The artist skillfully portrays a scene of friendship, curiosity, and the joy of shared literary exploration.

The two girls are seated side by side, their heads inclined towards the book held open between them. Their expressions convey a sense of focused concentration, as they immerse themselves in the narrative unfolding before them. The details of the sculpture highlight the girls’ features, the textures of their clothing, and the pages of the book, creating a scene that resonates with warmth and connection.

This sculpture becomes a visual celebration of friendship, the love of literature, and the simple joy found in the shared experience of reading. It invites viewers to reflect on the beauty of shared moments and the lasting impact of the connections formed through the magical world of books.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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