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bronze statue of a girl on bench with dog
bronze statue of a girl on bench with dog
bronze statue of a girl on bench with dog

Future Veterinarian Bronze Statue

Item #:BMA791
Size:38" H. x 42" L. x 22" W.

This charming bronze sculpture depicts a heartwarming scene of a little boy enthusiastically playing doctor with his furry companion on a bench. The boy is adorned in an oversized medical coat, and a stethoscope hangs around his neck, emphasizing the playful innocence of his role as a make-believe doctor.

Seated on the bench, the boy engages with his dog as if it were a patient, showcasing a delightful blend of imagination and compassion. The dog seems to be an eager participant in the imaginative game. The details of the sculpture capture the genuine joy and curiosity reflected in the boy’s expressive features and the dog’s animated posture.

The oversized medical coat, a comical touch, adds a sense of whimsy to the scene, highlighting the carefree nature of childhood play. The bench they sit on becomes a stage for their imaginative adventures, and the choice of bronze as the medium gives the sculpture a timeless quality, ensuring that the moment is frozen in perpetual playfulness.

The composition invites viewers to reminisce about their own childhood and the innocent joy found in creative and imaginative games. It celebrates the special bond between children and their pets, emphasizing the universal theme of companionship and the enduring spirit of playful innocence.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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