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bronze statue of a boy fishing
bronze statue of a boy fishing
bronze statue of a boy fishing

Took The Bait Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ 2485
Size:81" H. x 31" W. x 17" D.

In this serene bronze sculpture, the timeless allure of a childhood pastime is beautifully captured as a boy engages in the tranquil activity of fishing. The artist skillfully portrays a scene of quiet contemplation, emphasizing the connection between the young angler and nature.

The choice of bronze as the medium adds a timeless and enduring quality to the artwork, emphasizing the universal nature of the childhood experience of fishing. The surface of the bronze sculpture catches the play of light, enhancing the texture of the boy’s clothing and the overall realism of the scene.

This sculpture becomes a visual celebration of the simplicity and joy found in the connection between a child and the natural world. It invites viewers to appreciate the tranquility and beauty of a moment spent by the water’s edge, capturing the essence of a cherished childhood memory.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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