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bronze statue of a boy soccer player

Team Photo Day Bronze Statue

Item #:BMA884
Size:21" W. x 41" H.

In this captivating bronze sculpture, the spirit of youth and the passion for soccer come to life as a young boy strikes a pose with his foot confidently placed on a soccer ball. The artist skillfully captures the essence of athleticism and enthusiasm, freezing the moment in time with a dynamic and lifelike composition.

The boy, portrayed in a stance of youthful exuberance, stands with one foot atop the soccer ball. His posture conveys a sense of pride and confidence, suggesting a moment of triumph or personal achievement. The details of the sculpture highlight the contours of his athletic physique, the texture of his clothing, and the subtle details of the soccer ball beneath his foot.

The choice of bronze as the medium adds a classical and enduring quality to the sculpture, emphasizing the timeless nature of the passion for sports. The surface of the bronze catches the play of light, enhancing the sculpture’s details and creating a sense of depth.

This artwork celebrates the universal love for soccer and the joy found in the achievements of young athletes. It invites viewers to connect with the exhilaration of youth, the camaraderie of sports, and the determination that comes with pursuing one’s passion on the field. The bronze sculpture becomes a tribute to the boundless energy and dreams embodied in a young boy’s love for the game.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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