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bronze statue of a boy baseball pitcher
bronze statue of a boy baseball pitcher

Hanging Curveball Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ153
Size:25" W. X 38" H.

The bronze sculpture captures a dynamic moment frozen in time, depicting a young boy in the midst of pitching a baseball. The boy is portrayed in a classic pitching stance, with one leg lifted, the other firmly planted on the ground, and his arm in the motion of delivering a pitch. The details of his posture and movement evoke a sense of energy and focus.

In his hand, the boy holds a meticulously crafted baseball, capturing the texture and seams of the ball. The attention to detail in the glove on the other hand adds to the realism of the scene. The bronze material imparts a timeless quality, preserving the essence of the youthful enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the pitcher.

The composition suggests a moment of anticipation and action, as if the boy is in the midst of delivering a pitch with all his concentration and skill. The sculpture celebrates the spirit of youth, the joy of sports, and the timeless appeal of the national pastime, baseball. It invites viewers to appreciate the athleticism and passion inherent in the act of playing the game.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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