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bronze sculpture of children reading
bronze sculpture of children reading
bronze sculpture of children reading

Future Teacher – Small Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ707
Size:27" H. x 36" W. x 18" D.

In this heartwarming bronze sculpture, the artist beautifully captures the nurturing bond between two children as they share a quiet moment of reading. The scene unfolds with an older girl, perhaps a sister or mentor, seated on a rustic log while reading to a younger companion.

The elder girl is depicted with a posture of care and engagement, holding an open book in her hands as she reads aloud. Her expression conveys warmth and patience, emphasizing the joy of sharing a story. The younger boy, seated beside her, listens attentively, captivated by the narrative unfolding from the pages of the book.

The details in the sculpture are meticulously crafted, from the texture of the log to the folds of the girls’ clothing, adding a lifelike quality to the artwork. The use of bronze imparts a timeless and enduring quality to the scene, highlighting the enduring nature of the connection between the two.

This bronze sculpture not only celebrates the act of reading but also symbolizes the transmission of knowledge, the power of storytelling, and the nurturing relationships that form between older and younger individuals. The composition invites viewers to appreciate the quiet joy found in shared moments of literature, making it a touching portrayal of the beauty of mentorship and companionship.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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