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bronze statue of children playing piggyback
bronze statue of children playing piggyback
bronze statue of children playing piggyback

Piggy Back Bronze Statue

Item #:BMJ652
Size:47" H. x 23" W. 18" D.

In this heartwarming bronze sculpture, the artist has skillfully captured a tender moment of sibling camaraderie. The scene features an older boy giving his younger brother a piggyback ride, creating a timeless and endearing tableau.

The older brother, cast in bronze, is shown looking back for his younger sibling. The details of their features, from the tousled hair to the folds of their clothing, are meticulously sculpted, imbuing the artwork with a sense of authenticity. The use of bronze imparts a classic and enduring quality to the scene.

The younger brother, depicted with an expression of pure joy and trust, holds onto his sibling with tiny, bronze hands. The dynamic composition captures the essence of movement and connection, as if frozen in a moment of shared laughter and companionship.

The bronze sculpture not only celebrates the bond between siblings but also invites viewers to reflect on the universal theme of familial love and support. The warmth of the bronze adds to the emotional resonance of the scene, making it a poignant and timeless representation of the affectionate relationship between brothers. Overall, this artwork is a touching homage to the simple yet profound moments that define the bonds within a family.

All of our statues are 100% bronze and cast by hand in the Lost Wax process.

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