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Best Friends-III Leap Frog (Small)



Sharing Knowledge

Best Friends

Pip Squeak

Beautiful Butterflies

My Pet Turtle

Love & Trust

True Friends

Early Comprehension

Painting for Mom

Watering the Flowers

Baby Birds

My Favorite Cat

Fishing Memories

Young Studier

Picasso Prodigy

The Diary

Compassionate Hearts


Junior Champ

Whiz Kid


Favorite Book

Nothing adds more charm to your outdoor area than one of our bronze children statues. Engaged in a variety of activities, alone, or sharing special moments with their friends, the children in our bronze children sculptures are extremely lifelike due to the intricate details and the colors that result from our patina process. Nothing symbolizes the joy and lightheartedness of simple moments like children. Any of these bronze statues of children are certain to bring delight to you and any visitors who have the opportunity to view them. If you don’t see the statue you have in mind, contact us. We have thousands more that are not shown on our website and can also make custom bronze statues to reflect the subjects that you want.