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Bronze statues were widespread way before the turn of the 9th century and are commonly evident in Greek, Roman, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, and many other cultures.

It is made up of copper, zinc, tin, nickel, lead, iron, brass, and silver, though most bronze statues today consist of only 88% copper and 12% tin.

It remains a revered art as of today, though many may find it acting as a centerpiece in lavish living rooms and luxurious fine dining.

For all its eye-catching artistry and beauty, some care and maintenance to ward off the occasional visits of dust bunnies, spilled martinis, and other rampaging elements are crucial as they can deteriorate the coat of the bronze statue’s original patina.

In that regard, here are some easy ways to keep your bronze statues looking as good as new:

Tip #1: Care and Cleaning

Bronze is quite a durable material that can withstand a wide range of atmospheric challenges. That being said, it isn’t invulnerable to wear and tear.

The best way to keep it away from any damaging debris and other elements is to place it in the safest location of your living space. Keep it in well-ventilated areas as it is left vulnerable in an environment with excessive heat and humidity.

Dusting your statues periodically with a dry, soft cloth or brush can reduce the build-up of grime. In cases where it gets coated with residue, you can wipe away the stains with any cleaner containing a mild dishwashing detergent as anything stronger may damage the surface of the patina.

If the statue is placed outdoors as installation, you can also use a hose with a gentle spray to rinse it.

To that end, make sure to pat it completely dry as any moisture harboring between its crevices can be damaging to its coating.

Tip #2: Waxing

After cleaning the surface area and patting it dry, seal it off with protective wax like Renaissance Wax, Johnson’s Traffic Wax, or Mohawk Blue Label Paste Wax as they use a pure microcrystalline wax that will not yellow over time.

Be sure the wax is free from any cleaning agent as well. Apply a thin coat with a soft clean cotton cloth and cover the entire surface. Let it sit under shade outdoors or dry up using intense light as it dries for several hours.

Once the wax is dry, wipe it again using another clean cloth before applying another layer until the desired shinier effect is met as multiple coatings do not harm the statue.

Tip #3: Precautions

If you find yourself handling unusual patinas and special coatings, try to avoid altering the surface using abrasive polishes, brushes, or chemicals that could damage the patina.

In these cases, it’s best to contact a reputable gallery, foundry, or professional conservator when handling significant changes with your statue.

In that regard, the patina of the bronze and the subtle changes that will manifest over the years is considered as part of the charm and long-standing history of your bronze statue.

Its warm, rich surface will eventually show its age, which only adds to the brilliance of the piece of art.

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