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The ancient art of bronze sculpture is a long-cherished tradition for honoring royalty, military heroes, and other public figures. However bronze sculptures have not always been as accessible to  private collectors as they are today.

Perhaps you have discovered a love for bronze sculptures and are ready to begin your journey in collecting, but are unsure where to start. 

The process can be overwhelming at first due to the enormous variety of options available to you. How do you know what will work for your space?

We’re here to help with some handy tips for understanding this unique material. Read below to learn everything you need to become a savvy collector.

Why Choose a Bronze Sculpture?

Let’s begin with a quick overview of bronze sculpting. Often simply referred to as ‘a bronze’, this type of sculpture is made by pouring molten bronze into a mold. 

Casting in bronze is very different from other forms of sculpting. While chiseling and carving can be beautiful, the materials used in the creation of carved sculptures come with some drawbacks. 

Marble can be expensive, difficult to work with, and prone to breakage or damage, while wood doesn’t have the same longevity as metal and can’t weather the elements as well. 

In addition to greater durability and longevity of bronze, it also provides the ability to render a higher level of detail and consistency than other materials.

Finally, bronze has a lustrous coloring and develops a patina over time that only enhances its value. 

It is also possible to silver or ‘gild’ bronze, opening even more creative possibilities. 

Whether you’re looking for a memorial piece for a family member or outdoor sculptures for your landscaping, rest assured that bronze is an exceptionally sound choice.

How to Choose a Sculpture

Whatever your tastes in art, you can’t fail to find something cast in bronze that will work for your preferences. Perhaps you prefer reproductions of the classics, such as the Hellenistic sculptures of the 4th century BC, or the modern works of Henry Moore. Or maybe you are looking for a unique custom piece. No matter what you have in mind, there is a bronze sculpture for you!

There are two primary factors to consider when choosing a bronze sculpture. The first is style You will want to consider scale, texture, size,  and subject. The second is the quality of the raw material. 

When buying a bronze statue, you want to ensure that you choose a piece with a high quality of metal. Keep an eye out for molten bronze, which is a top-tier material. 

If  you are shopping for bronze sculptures as an investment, then original pieces will offer the best value. Whereas if you’re in the market for something decorative, reproductions or personal pieces are a perfect option.

When chosen well, a sculpture can represent the personality and taste of the owner add a tasteful flourish to a room. 

You will also want to consider whether your sculpture is going to be used as an accent piece or centered prominently for a commanding presence. Your desired effect will be achieved largely through placement.

Where to Place Your Bronze Sculptures

While you may see sculptures in magazines and catalogs, they are rarely seen in the homes of our friends and families. While sculpture is a beautiful way to express oneself.

Most people aren’t aware of the options for decorating indoor (or outdoor) living spaces with bronze statues, or forget to consider using three-dimensional works of art. 

There are so many ways to properly display your new art piece so that it stands out as a true centerpiece of your space. The beauty of bronze is that it works in any setting, from a cozy cottage, to a bold and contemporary home. 

Thinking About Indoor Spaces

When considering where to place your sculptures, you want to take into account how they’re going to be viewed. If you have a small statue, you don’t want it getting lost in the environment. For example, a busy bookshelf will overwhelm a delicate statue. Instead, think about investing in a display case to suit your space, while protecting your piece. The right display can be a great conversation starter! 

You may also want to consider the option of bronze wall decor which can become the focal point of a room. When placed on a feature wall, your investment can tie the entire room together. 

Enhancing Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor bronze sculptures are a great way of bringing renewed life to a garden or other external space. As long as they’re cared for, they will maintain their original appearance. 

Remember that bronze statues will develop a natural patina, which is impossible to reproduce, so embrace the natural aging of your sculpture. 

Capable of withstanding frost, water, and even harsh sun, a bronze garden sculpture is an ideal addition to your personal landscape.

Consider nestling bronze animal sculptures between trees and shrubs to bring the whimsy wildlife into your own suburban sanctuary.

Or you may wish to commission memorial pieces that honor lost loved ones or pets. 

Bronze Sculptures for the Connoisseur 

Whether you’re in the market for unique decor or for investments that will add to your art portfolio, bronze sculptures are an ideal choice. 

They’re affordable, beautiful, and have the unique capacity to work in any space. A statue has the power to command a space and pull a room together. The options are up to you! 

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